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Grounds Committee:
Officers: Joel Lutz, Chair - Yvonne Wilson, Co-Chair - Sharon Smith, Secretary
Board Liaisons: Denise Hein & Guy Balok

The purpose of the Grounds Committee is to oversee general landscaping operations, tree and shrub removal and planting, lawn maintenance, tree pruning, flower planting, and general beautification of the property. However, it is not limited only to foliage and greenery, but also is involved with projects pertaining to the installation of benches along our pathways, mulch, safety of stairways and sidewalks, erosion, beaches, signage and virtually anything affixed, now or contemplated, to the common element and enjoyed by all. 

As with the social committees, the Grounds Committee will periodically become involved with issues associated with the Engineering or Vision Committee. Highland Lakes has 167 acres of property and miles of sidewalk within its interior and therefore, the task of maintaining the property is monumental. Separate contractors are used for tree maintenance, fertilization, lakes ecology, aquatic weed control, insecticides, goose control, shrub maintenance and general landscaping. 

You can imagine the task of pruning hundreds of large old trees, a thousand shrubs and maintaining the front lawns and common areas for the entire site. Highland Lakes has a tree and shrub removal plan whereby the residents complete a request form and communicate with the front office as to which shrubs they want trimmed or removed and those that they want to maintain themselves. 

As a counterpart to this, there is also the opportunity to request a new shrub or tree in its place. Any resident may, at a Grounds Committee meeting, request or make a suggestion as to landscaping projects that they would like to see on the property. Tired of looking at a building behind your home and want a fence or treeline installed? Is there a small plot of land near one of the beaches that would be a good site for a picnic area? The Grounds Committee is the place to start.

Click Here to Download an Request for Committee Action Form.

Click Here to Download a Shrub Removal Form.